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Has anyone else noticed the tree in the background? The leaves are all gone; the tree is dead. This can symbolize so many things. Sasuke has left the leaf village and the leaves have left. The tree has died and so has the old Sasuke. And if you look at the ground, it used to be grassy. Now it is cracked, dry earth. It is broken for both of them. They are broken without each other. But the one thing that has stayed the same is the clouds. There is still a constant in their life, and that constant is their bond.

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s cience tumblr why the hoobly boobly

Tectonic plates

thank You

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I feel like we’ve all known a girl in elementary school that was obsessed with horses

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"they’re your family you have to love them"


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listening to a sad song that has a nice beat


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❝ When I watch you, I feel strong, like I could do anything. ❞

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there’s this thing u should try it’s called stop ignoring me

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